What is AskI?

AskI is an artificial intelligence engine developed at AskStory by some of the finest software engineers in South Korea. The engine uses automatic collection, group classification, and recommendation technology to analyse and extract key patterns from all kinds of data depending on the environment.
myOndo is the first smart device to implement AskI. This device is able to improve the user’s quality of life and environment. Also myOndo can conserve energy by using its own energy saving algorithm and collecting data such as user patterns and outside weather.

The Next Generation of Automation

AskI is an artificial intelligence engine comprised of our three patented intelligent recommendation system technology which uses automatic collection, group classification and pattern analysis, visualisation and recommendation matching .

AskI algorithms can analyse and extract key patterns from all kinds of data depending on the environment and then recommend the best solution.

Artificial Intelligence for Air Conditioners

myOndo collects vast quantities of user data from the sensors in the device and users GPS information. The AskI engine then sorts through all this data and recommends the best solution to create the most comfortable climate for each individual user.

Total Software Solution

The AskI engine can be applied to various fields and industries such as Smart Home & IoT, Recruitment, Healthcare and many more.

Business Solutions

The AskI engine provides businesses with a smart affordable solution for big data analytics and systems automation. AskStory’s software solution can give your business valuable user insights and help you harness the true power of data. With superfast connectivity and secure cloud computing, now is the time to invest in AI and discover new intelligent ways to manage your systems and enhance your core competencies. Our mission at AskStory is to become one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence and to help shape technology for future generations. For more information about working with us and using our AskI software solution please send an email to